The Best First Sports Car?


The first sports car is an amazing and exciting time in any person’s life. You have been saving and doing whatever means necessary to get to the monumental time and now it is finally here. However, there is only one question remaining and that question is, what car should I get, what is the best car? This is an amazing question and a tough one to answer so let’s jump into it. First of all we are going to assume you do not have a gazillion dollars to spend on your first Ferrari, Lamborghini, Or Bugatti. However, if you do then good luck seeing your next birthday. Yes, they are amazing cars, they are also six hundred horsepower death machines to any inexperienced driver so let’s bring this back to the real world. The car should fit some basic criteria, first, easy to control, second it does not have ten thousand horsepower, third how much can you learn from the car, and finally the fourth is the cars fun factor.

Now to explain why the criteria are so important and why they should considered be we will be using the Mazda Miata as our example car. All right first and foremost easy to control. The Miata is a car that is Lightweight, with amazing balance and grip and those three factors lead to the amazing handling of the car. The car doesn’t jerk around on the road and is very well behaved so it inspires great driver confidence and is forgiving. As a driver that is new to sports cars that is a must have if want to keep the car on the road. The second part of the car you have to address is the power.

Unless you are a formula one driver or have millions to spend on car crash repairs and medical bills a car with extreme power is both useless and dangerous to a new diver. The power of a car affects everything from how it drives to how it handles and what you can do with it. Now getting back to our Miata example; the Miata has around 150 horsepower and yes that is less than half that of the gazillion dollar hypersport cars. The power of the car is enough to make it quick in the turns without it overpower the car but most of all the driver.

Now the third category and this one is the most important for those that are new to sports cars. That is what can the car teach you? The Miata has this one down perfectly so let’s talk about why. The car has a short throw manual shift handle, it’s very lightweight, has very direct steering, and it doesn’t drive itself. The problem with a lot of cars is they have so many electronic driver aids such as traction control, and stability systems that it makes the car nearly drive itself and hamper the process of learning.

The fourth category is the fun factor and the reason why people love sports cars. The way is see sports cars is simple they are toys for the road. Cars like the Miata are toys that you can get in and forget about an problems you have. Take them to the mountains or your favorite roads and have a great time. If you have a sports car and you’re not having fun then what good is it??

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