How to Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

Buying a car is one of the major financial decisions most Americans make in their entire life. As result, most of them employ stringent measures whenever they want to buy a new or used car. In case you have a car, and you are planning to sell it some years later, it needs constant care in order to attract the highest price. You need to maintain its value from the day it leaves the showroom to the time you decide to sell it. Here are some of the things you should do ensure the vehicle stays as new as possible.


Keep the mileage down


Mileage is one of the key things a buyer will check. If the mileage is high, the car will attract a lower price. Hence, you need to constantly monitor the mileage and keep it low if you are planning to sell the car some years later. Do not use the car for road trips or any other activity that requires long distance traveling. Consider your math. The difference between 90,000 and 100,000 miles can be wider than it looks when you are on the higher end.


Keep and follow a maintenance routine


Most buyers will ask for the car’s maintenance schedule before they purchase it. They want to know that the car was cared for through regular maintenance by the previous owner. Ensure you use the schedule that is located at the back of the car manual and makes entries whenever you go for servicing. If there is a problem, do not ignore it. Make the necessary repairs immediately and record them in the schedule. Change the fuel oil, the brake fluid or the transmission fluid regularly. If you feel the problem is minor, consult the mechanic to check whether it is worth the repair costs. Save all the receipts from the garage and be ready to produce them when the buyer requests.


Watch how you park


Take into consideration where you park the car and what you park next to, especially in public places. Park the car far away from other vehicles if possible. Keep it in sheltered places away from sunlight and harsh weather. Do not park under trees because you expose the car to bird droppings and falling branches.


Keep the car clean


The car should always be clean. A car that appears to be kept up well attracts the best price. Most buyers associate cleanliness with care and will not look into every detail to ensure the car is in good condition. Apply paint and a fabric pack to make the waxing and washing much easier. Keep the same cleaning routine with the interior. Dust off the seats and the cabin regularly. Use air fresheners to keep the interior smelling nice. Do not smoke in the car. It is hard to get rid of the smell from the cigarette even if you hire a professional cleaner. Also, do not pile up the trash in the car. You need to dispose them at least once in a week.


Be safe on the road


You must also observe safety on the road to avoid accidents. Keep the right lane, drive at safe speeds and observe the traffic lights. Collisions and hits can put a dent in the car’s exterior and decrease its resale value. A buyer who uses a trained appraiser can identify a dent a mile away. Try to keep the number of dents on the car as low as possible. This in turn will minimize the number of occasions where you have to do a repainting.


No matter how careful you are on the road, sometimes you cannot avert an accident. After all, the road belongs to many users, and not all of them are careful like you are. If your car is involved in a collision, go to a reputable repair shop. If there is a part to be replaced, insist on a product from the manufacturer of the car.
In summary, if you want to maintain its value – you must make sure every part of the car is okay. Replace all the damaged components, including brakes, windshields, lights and tires. You must also clean and wax the car thoroughly.

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